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What is Sepak Takraw?

Modern Sepak Takraw, or Takraw for short (also known as Kick Volleyball), began in Malaysia and is now their national sport. It combines elements of Soccer, Footbag, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics and the ancient sport of Sepak Raga.

National Tournament

The Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships have been hosted annually since 1999. Click below for all the info on this year’s event!

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The rules of the sport of Sepak Takraw require both male and female players to wear shorts and jerseys or t-shirts. Most players tuck-in their shirts to reduce the chance of causing a net fault. The jerseys or T-shirts for all players must also be numbered at the back, in which numbers are only ranged from 1 to 15. The captain of each regu (team of 3 or 4 players) is required to wear an armband on their left arm. Any apparel that could endanger opponents is not allowed.

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