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What is Sepak Takraw?

Modern Sepak Takraw, or Takraw for short (also known as Kick Volleyball), began in Malaysia and is now their national sport. It combines elements of Soccer, Footbag, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics and the ancient sport of Sepak Raga.

National Tournament

The Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships have been hosted annually since 1999. Click below for all the info on this year’s event!

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Coach Development Model



STAC has been working with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to take the necessary steps towards bringing our national association and the sport of Sepak Takraw under the umbrella of the CAC as an official sport. One of the necessary steps is to map out a model of our overall plan for coaches to get involved in the sport at various stages and become certified to be Sepak Takraw Coaches. Our model of coach involvement is a little more complex due to four different games within Sepak Takraw, general indoor and outdoor seasons, along with a specified school league season. However, the main two games that are being promoted and played in Canada currently are Regu Sepak Takraw (3-on-3), which is by far the most played world-wide, and Doubles Sepak Takraw (2-on-2) ... both games being events in the annual Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships. Coaching Certification for Sepak Takraw, just like other sports, will require coaches to gain THEORY, TECHNICAL, and PRACTICAL knowledge and experience, the details of which are outlined on the Certified Coaching Clinics page.


STAC's Sepak Takraw Coach Development Model (CDM) has now been completed, and for clarity in showing both the 'Pathway' that coaches take as well as the 'Certification' that is ideally required at each coaching context, two models have been constructed. Click on the links below to view each model: