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What is Sepak Takraw?

Modern Sepak Takraw, or Takraw for short (also known as Kick Volleyball), began in Malaysia and is now their national sport. It combines elements of Soccer, Footbag, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics and the ancient sport of Sepak Raga.

National Tournament

The Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships have been hosted annually since 1999. Click below for all the info on this year’s event!

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Kicking/Skills Clinics




The best way to motivate future potential ‘Kicking Sensations’ or ‘Sepak Takraw Stars’ in your school or community, for about grade 5 or 6 and up, is to host a STAC Kicking and/or Sepak Takraw Clinic(s). Ideal numbers are 6 - 10 participants per badminton court, so gym size and number of badminton courts that can be set up will dictate the number of particpants involved per clinic session. Following are six different clinic options to choose from:


1.) 1-HOUR INTRODUCTION TO KICKING CLINIC: where participants learn 5 Basic Kicks to control a hand-woven ball without using hands or arms, and try a few ‘Kickers Rock Challenges’ (i.e. Consecutive Kicks, Target Kick, Circle Game, Trick Kicks, Wall-Run Sepak Takraw, etc.) for which winners could get a prize such as a Takraw ball, t-shirt, poster, Takraw key chain, etc.


2.) 1-HOUR INTRODUCTION TO SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: where participants are divided up into teams and are taught the net game (Sepak Takraw) skills and strategies, putting their newly learned kicking skills to use over a net in a team sport (from modified versions at first, to the actual game).


3.) 2-HR. COMBINATION CLINIC: combining 1.) & 2.) above.


4.) 1-HOUR QUICK KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: where participants quickly learn the kicking skills and move right into a modified net game (without doing Challenges, etc.).


5.) HALF-DAY KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: combining 1.) & 2.) above, PLUS spend more time going through some drills that will develop specific skills for the positions played in the net game (i.e., serving, setting, spiking, blocking).


6.) FULL-DAY KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: same as 5.) above, PLUS spend extra time developing game skills and strategies, PLUS make up teams and have a mini Sepak Takraw Tournament.







One group doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)


One group doing

Clinic 3.)


One group doing

Clinic 5.)


One group doing


- - -



Two groups, each doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)



Two or three groups,

each doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)



Two groups, each

doing Clinic 5.) OR

3 – 5 groups doing

1.), 2.), 4.) or 5.)









** Plus Expenses: Transportation (airfare or mileage, $0.59/km); Meals; Accommodation as applicable. What most schools/communities do is have several other schools in the area also book clinics on consecutive days so that they all can chip in and share the expenses cost, making it possible to have a series of motivating, professional Sepak Takraw Skills Clinics for a reasonable and manageable cost.




  • FREE AFTER-SCHOOL CERTIFIED REFEREE COURSE (3:30 – 6:00 p.m., for paid STAC Members 15 years old and up). While quantities last, participants receive a FREE Sepak Takraw Rule Booksponsored by … and they begin their certification.

  • FREE CERTIFIED COMMUNITY STREAM COACHING CLINIC planned to meet ‘Practical’ requirements for NCCP Certification (approx. 6 – 9 pm the night before, for paid STAC Members 15 years old and up). While quantities last, participants receive a FREE Sepak Takraw 101 Coaching/Instructional Manual, sponsored by