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What is Sepak Takraw?

Modern Sepak Takraw, or Takraw for short (also known as Kick Volleyball), began in Malaysia and is now their national sport. It combines elements of Soccer, Footbag, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics and the ancient sport of Sepak Raga.

National Tournament

The Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships have been hosted annually since 1999. Click below for all the info on this year’s event!

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**NEW** SEPAK TAKRAW 101, 4th Edition – The Complete Instructional/Coaching Manual

122 pages, includes:

- EVERYTHING needed to plan and run a school, community, club or even national team program;   
- Lesson plans; progress charts; check lists, skill tests;   
- 200+ illustrated warm ups, stretches and exercises;   
- 120 lead-up activities, games and drills – from beginner to advanced levels;   
- 90 technical illustrations to show body/leg/foot positioning;   
- Step-by-step "how to" for 21 kicks and spikes, including the “Horse Kick”;   
- 70+ new, updated action photos and updated information throughout;   
- Advanced Training & Fitness Program, including Psychological Training;   
- A whole section of score sheets (new 5-set, 15-point match score sheet included), charts, tests & forms that is allowed to be photocopied;   
- This is a MUST BUY resource … all the work for planning and running a program is done for you!

**NEW** ACTIVE GET YOUR KICKS, 2nd Edition - Sepak Takraw Benchmarks & Evaluation Resource Manual

64 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", includes:

- All that you need to observe, analyze and evaluate players’ skill levels; 
- Emphasizes that participants must learn how to “kick” and become “Kickers” first, before becoming “Players”; 
- Rubrics of the 5 Basic Kicks, Level 1 – 3 “Kicker”; 
- “Kickers” Benchmarks Chart (Levels 1 – 3), Evaluation Sheets, Challenges & Achievement Certificates; 
- Rubrics of the 5 Basic Kicks, Level 1 – 5 “Player”; 
- “Players” Benchmarks Chart (Levels 1 – 5), Evaluation Sheets, Challenges & Achievement Certificates; 
- Rubrics of 17 specific Defense & Offense Game Playing Skills, Level 1 – 5 “Player”; 
- “Players” Game Skills Benchmarks Chart (Levels 1 – 5), Evaluation Sheets, Consistency Analysis Form & Award Certificates; 
- Positive Character Building Section


- 62 pages, handy booklet size (5 1/2” X 8 1/2”) is ideal to have at intramurals or tournaments for quick reference;   
- Re-written to be clearer with consistent terminology;   
- Includes the complete, current international rules and Standard Game Protocol (INCLUDING MOST RECENT 2011-2012 RULE CHANGES) for FOUR International Sepak Takraw Games/Events in addition to the Circle Game, specifically, they are:

“Regu” Sepak Takraw (playing 3 on 3); 
“Doubles” Sepak Takraw (playing 2 on 2); 
“Beach” Sepak Takraw (playing 4 on 4 in the sand); 
“Hoop” Sepak Takraw (5 players on the same team kicking into hoops suspended 15 ½ feet high).

SEPAK TAKRAW – Just For Kicks Instructional DVD

20 minutes, used by schools all over the world to introduce Sepak Takraw, as it very nicely:

- Introduces all the basic aspects of the sport;    
- Shows cool recreational play by beginners and fantastic rallies from the world championships;   
- Shows, step by step, how to achieve all the basic skills, and some of the advanced kicks, in the game.   
- If you're a P.E. Teacher, Recreation Director or Coach, and are not comfortable with demonstrating yourself, just put this DVD in and let it demonstrate the skills for you.

A MUST BUY! It's the # 1 Sepak Takraw DVD purchased!



58-minute DVD, Includes:

- Full match, Canada vs. USA;  
- Highlights from 3 feature matches of the King's Cup world championships;  
- Unique opening ceremony entertainment from Thailand;  
- Excerpts of a new game played in Malaysia called “Straight Spike”;  
- Footage of 12 & under playing Sepak Takraw in Regina, SK;  
- Considered the MOST THRILLING of our DVD's to watch ... it will definately get your new players excited about the sport!


65-minute DVD, includes:

- Full Match, Laos vs. the Philippines from the King’s Cup World Championships, Men’s Div. II.  
- As close as you’d want to get directly behind the end of the court. 
- Begins with game 'start and ending protocol' (from the start of another match between Singapore and Thailand). 
- A great DVD to study the refereeing aspect, game strategy & techniques!


50 minute DVD, the first half which shows Brazil's very soccer style of play as they face Korea in a full match of Doubles Sepak Takraw, an event that is growing in popularity world-wide. This two-on-two game shares the same court size and most of the same rules as Regu Sepak Takraw (playing 3-on-3), except that serving is done outside the court with the server tossing the ball up to him/herself and one person cannot serve twice in a row - the pairs must take turns serving throughout the match.

The second have shows Thailand's relaxed control as they kick takraw balls into hoops hung 15 1/2 feet in the air. Hoop Sepak Takraw is a traditional game from Thailand that dates back hundreds of years, and it is an excellent game for teaching "setting" skills in Sepak Takraw. The object of the game is basically for a team of 5 players, standing beneath the hoops in a wide circle, to pass the ball around to each other and kick it into the hoops (with inside kicks, outside kicks, knee bumps, headers, shoulder shots and blind kicks) as many times as they can within the given time frame. Each time the ball goes into a hoop, points are awarded. Higher points are awarded for successful hoops with more difficult kicks. You'll be amazed at the control displayed!


40 minute DVD, includes: - Short background information and footage of Malaysia, one of the originating countries, and Saskatchewan's centennial celebrations; 

- National championship final, full match between eastern and western junior boy's teams ... very exciting, and played at a level that will motivate other student viewers - they will realize that THEY could easily play this sport too (it really is not as hard as they might have expected);  
- ANOTHER MUST BUY DVD, especially for schools, colleges, universities or recreations centres!


- Brilliant full color, 19" X 28", glossy finish.  
- Excellent motivational teaching tool.  
- Shows each of the 5 basic kicks in being executed. 
- Shows beginner net action and progresses to the pros. 
- Lastly, a perfect sequence of shots nicely shows how a roll spike is methodically executed from kick to landing 
... and yes they do land on their feet! 
- Note that from the pictures it is obvious that Sepak Takraw can be played indoors and outdoors, 
- Also note that anybody can play Sepak Takraw; young, old, male, female, short or tall ... it doesn't matter.