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What is Sepak Takraw?

Modern Sepak Takraw, or Takraw for short (also known as Kick Volleyball), began in Malaysia and is now their national sport. It combines elements of Soccer, Footbag, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics and the ancient sport of Sepak Raga.

National Tournament

The Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships have been hosted annually since 1999. Click below for all the info on this year’s event!

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Ideal footwear is that which has flat sides and sole (providing optimum control when kicking the ball with from the inside & outside sides of the foot or from the a sole), has some kind of protective reinforcement built into the sides and top of the shoe, has good grip on indoor and outdoor surfaces, has an overall light-weight and most important, has a very supportive insole for cushioning the high impact of constant jumping and landing (important for injury prevention). Until now, it was impossible to get all these features in ONE shoe, but just recently a new line of very versitile, athletic shoes, NETPRO's NP KICKERS, has been released that does have ALL of these features in one shoe. IF YOU'RE A KICKER, YOU GOTTA GET A PAIR OF THESE SHOES!

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